Diabetes & Alcohol

Dr Kakoli Saha

Dr Kakoli Saha

MBBS, MD(USA) MPhil, MSc Diabetology (University of South Wales)
Member American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
Consultant Diabetologist

According to guidelines not more than 2 standard drinks are recommended for diabetics in a day. One standard drink is equal to:100 ml wine, 285 ml regular beer,30 ml spirits, 60 ml fortified wine,375 ml low-alcohol beer (less than 3% alcohol).

• All alcoholic drinks are high in calories and can contribute to weight gain.

• Too much alcohol can increase the risk of developing liver disease and liver plays important role in blood sugar metabolism

• Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause hypoglycemia if you are taking insulin or certain diabetes tablets

• Low alcohol or ‘lite’ beers are a better choice than regular or diet beers because they are lower in alcohol

• When mixing drinks use low joule/diet mixers such as diet cola, diet ginger ale, diet tonic water.

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