Blood Sugar Testing

Dr Kakoli Saha

Dr Kakoli Saha

MBBS, MD(USA) MPhil, MSc Diabetology (University of South Wales)
Member American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
Consultant Diabetologist

Blood Sugar testing with Glucometer

Cleaning the finger
Use alcohol/spirit to clean the fingertip

Never Lick Your Fingers
It’ll show increased blood sugar if you have eaten something. Always try to clean your fingertip before doing the test.

Changing fingers for testing
It will cause less pain and prevent callus

Storing Strips
Always use strips recommended by the manufacterer. Ensure the strip containers are tightly closed and stored in a dry place away from sunlight.

Test Timing
Frequently fasting and post meal sugar testing are done. Ur doctor may ask you to check at other times – before dinner, at dawn etc
For fasting blood sugar test, it is done preferably 10 hours after a meal.
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