Blood Sugar Testing

Blood Sugar Testing How Can you Control it Blood Sugar testing with Glucometer Cleaning the finger Use alcohol/spirit to clean the fingertip Never Lick Your Fingers It’ll show increased blood sugar if you have eaten something. Always try to clean your fingertip before doing the test. Changing fingers for testing It will cause less pain […]

Vaccination & Diabetes

Vaccination & Diabetes How Can you Control it People with diabetes (type 1 and type 2), even with well controlled sugars, are at high risk of serious complications of flu like Pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections and sometimes may result in ICU admissions. Flu also can make chronic health problems, like diabetes, worse. This […]

Alcohol & Diabetes

Diabetes & Alcohol

Diabetes & Alcohol How Can you Control it According to guidelines not more than 2 standard drinks are recommended for diabetics in a day. One standard drink is equal to:100 ml wine, 285 ml regular beer,30 ml spirits, 60 ml fortified wine,375 ml low-alcohol beer (less than 3% alcohol). • All alcoholic drinks are high […]